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Basic NCS Guidelines and Responsibilities:

NCS is responsible for the net on the assigned date. Alt NCS is there to back up the NCS in case of radio failure and to double check check-in count.
Use the preamble provided.
NCS is responsible for completing the list of check-in's and sending it to KK4LAC.
If you have to miss a net, let your Alt NCS know ASAP. Alt NCS should ask for a backup Alt NCS to assist.
The net starts promptly at 20:00. If the primary or Alternate NCS is not running the net by 20:03, anyone can jump in and take it.
NCS is responsible for making sure a presentation is done. You don't always have to be the one to do it. Everyone should have something ready in case you get the net.
Mix it up, do an exercise, pass formal traffic, have some fun, practice skills, fake an outage so someone else jumps in or we switch TAC channels, push limits, try something new.
Invite others to become NCS stations.
Remember to forward the list of check-in's to Bob.

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Repeater Net

Blank Checkin Log

Metro Atlanta District Net Preamble:

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