Our Mission

The Amateur Radio Service, as established by Part 97 of the Federal Communications Commission’s regulations, must perform public service communications for the general public, particularly in times of emergency when normal communications are not available. To that end, we, the Cherokee County Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service members, under the oversight of the American Radio Relay League, train and equip ourselves to provide communications as a direct service to the general public through government and relief agencies of Cherokee County Georgia, the State of Georgia, and Federal Agencies when requested by those agencies.


Membership in the ARES and RACES organizations is open to any properly equipped, licensed radio amateur. All that is required is a willingness to serve in times of need and active participation in group nets and exercises. Please see the Service page for more information and recommended training.

To apply, please email any of the members listed on the Contact Us page, attend our monthly meeting, or check in to our weekly net and inquire about membership.

Monthly Meeting

Our next monhtly meeting will be held in conjunction with the Cherokee County Amateur Radio Society on the second Saturday of the month.

Weekly Net

We hold our weekly training net on the K9APD repeater (145.430, minus offset, PL tone 107.2 Hz) on Monday nights at 8:00 PM. Our backup is the KG4VUB repeater (145.270, minus offset, PL tone of 100 Hz). After check-ins, the net control operator will conduct a drill or present a topic of interest related to ARES. Membership is not required in order to participate.